BLU turns PINK!


Today we celebrate! Yes, it is my cousins birthday and a chilly (run back inside to get a sweater) morning. However, it is also “Kick Cancer In The Ass Month.” I have been calling it that for years…ever since my strong, clever, humble, lovely and of course stylish grandmother, Sally (sometimes Sallye) Cline lost her battle with cancer. Thank goodness life is good and Heaven is even better.

Back to the party…hmmmm…Blu is turning PINK! That’s it! Blu will be celebrating Pink until the eve of Halloween (October 10-October 31). 10% of all web orders will be donated to a Cancer Cause…now I will need some help with this one. You guys and gals post some suggestions for cancer charities on the FACE BOOK page and let’s get this party started…

this is for you, Sallye Cline….