Meet Gertrude

Gertrude's FriendsI am Gertrude. Not Trudy or Gurtie or Gurt or any other silly half name, but Gertrude. I am a professional. I deserve a professional name. While the name is a little old fashioned, make no mistake, there is nothing old fashioned about me. I've always been ahead of my time.  I know all the latest trends and fashion....

I'm getting ahead of myself.  You probably have a thousand questions.  I come from a long line of fabulous women. My great grandmother danced the can-can at the Moulin Rouge. Oh the lace, the petticoats, the ribbons......I swoon just thinking about it. My grandmother was in vaudeville and not just on any old stage but Ziegfield's Follies right along side Fanny Brice (and was Fanny ever a Funny Girl). Granny was using feathers in fashion long before Sally Rand ever thought about fan dancing!  

Then we get to my mother. French she was and fabulous!  She was so fond of pearls and sequins. Anything that glittered. I never saw her without gorgeous earrings, bracelets, lots of necklaces - the height of fashion.

And me.....I'm some of all of this, but American to the core. My love of cowboy hats I got from my Mississippi daddy but I can't have just ordinary anything. I must have the glitter, the glam, the feathers, and the flowers!!  New, vintage...I love it all.
Where did the Blu come from you ask?  Just cause I like it. Don't need a reason for everything. Just need the feeling.

Come see me again.  I'll always have new secrets to tell, new fashion ideas, and beautiful pictures to share.