Tee shirts — done BLU style!

Well, we have finally caved in to the tee shirt craze.  We have had so many requests for a shirt, we just decided to jump in — lock, stock, and barrel. They are being printed right now. You wouldn't believe the process we had to go through to find someone that remotely spoke our language. Finally, we found Justin and he is almost as crazy as we are! For a little preview... the shirt will have a *flocked* damask pattern, our own handwriting, a classic photo of CoCo's grandparents, and puff paint. Yep...puff paint.  

So, the concept came about after we knew that we wanted to use a picture from OWN family. So, we started digging in some old photos. Several stood out, but the one that will be on our first design is one of CoCo's grandparents on vacation with several friends.  They are in one of the old photo booths that is set up like a saloon. No, we are not promoting drunkenness or underage drinking.  Don't send us any mad, angry emails, for goodness sake.

It's a super great black-and-white photo. WE LOVE IT. It represents a group of friends being carefree on vacation, relaxing, having fun and getting a little crazy.  

Most of you know we cannot just leave well enough alone. So, our girl, Roxanne is going to get ahold of the traditional shirts with her scissors. Uh huh. And she's going to make them a little "un" traditional.  

We hope this has whetted your appetite a bit for what's coming. Here's a sneak peek of the image...

I know, it's fabulous. Thanks. They will be available end of next week. Sizes S — 3XL.